Meet the Instructors

  • Kym Matthews

      I have a passion to help people become physically fit and find joy in being healthy. My journey toward health was influenced by inspiring women who used physical fitness, and yoga to empower their lives. I learned that exercise is more than a path to fitness; it provides tools to deal with life itself! I’m hooked on the power of yoga!

    I am certified through ACE as a Group Exercise Instructor, I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine). I’ve also been certified in Madd Dog Spinning, and Yogafit. I have been working in the fitness industry for 20 years teaching yoga for the past 11 years.

    I am married with 3 beautiful daughters and a wonderful son in law. We enjoy the outdoors, especially the beach! We can be found most weekends in Grand Haven any time of the year.

  • Allison Steele

    Allison first discovered yoga in her freshman year of college, looking for a way to find balance in her busy life. Yoga gave her the tools need to craft a more well-rounded approach to work, school, social, family, and self. In an effort to dive deeper,  she enrolled and completed her teacher training at PeaceLab yoga Shala in Grandville, MI. She quickly found her philosophy on yoga is that it should be accessible by all.  Classes are designed to be accessible at all levels featuring a mix of flow and form to keep your practice moving forward.  Whether you are sweating through vinyasa or building strength in a basics class, her guidance and encouragement will keep you safe and focused.

  • Ginger Valentine

    Ginger began practicing yoga in 2007, seeking relief from chronic back pain. As her practice deepened and her strength and flexibility grew, she began to move not only pain-free, but she learned to love herself in a new and holistic way. Ginger brings a deep knowledge of yoga alignment and technique to her light-hearted, judgement free, and challenging classes. Her goal is to help others feel strong, balanced, and fearless-both on and off the mat.

    Ginger has the heart and experience of a teacher. She taught high school Spanish for 26 years and has been teaching yoga since 2015. She received her Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT certification with AM Yoga and has taught hundreds of classes.

    Give your mind and body some love by treating yourself to a yoga class with Ginger.

  • Matt Jarrells

    Matt Jarrells, 300 RYT, first came to the mat in 1999 seeking relief from back pain and a calming space. As a teacher since January 2015, he now spends more than 300 hours a year in front of classes, sharing the transformative physical, mental, and emotional benefits of yoga through an empowering alignment-based practice that balances strength and flexibility. Matt has completed 300-hour Registered Yoga Teacher training at PeaceLab Yoga in Grandville, MI, with Melanie McQuown and 200-hour teaching apprenticeship with Grand Rapids-based yoga and ayurveda guru Michele Fife.

  • Jessica Gladden

    Jessica Gladden started practicing yoga while taking classes in Spanish in El Salvador in 2002, and has been hooked ever since. She recently studied to become a yoga instructor through Grand Rapids own yoga and Ayurveda guru Michele Fife to be able to incorporate yoga practices into her social work career. She currently teaches through Two Tree yoga and at Inspire, with a focus on gentle yoga, yin yoga, and using yoga and pranayama techniques to assist clients and students with mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.

  • Emily Martin

    Emily fell in love with yoga because of how great it felt to move and be embodied on her mat and the way yoga practice was like a little laboratory where she got to experiment and learn more about herself. She will complete my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in February of 2018 with Grand Rapids Healing Yoga along with Trauma Informed & Trauma Sensitive Yoga Certification. She hopes her teaching gives others the opportunity to connect with their own bodies and ultimately for each student to find love and acceptance of themselves, exactly as they are, in this moment.

  • Michelle Galdys

    Michelle has been regularly practicing yoga since moving back to Grand Rapids after obtaining her Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan in December 2016. Michelle found that a regular yoga practice helped her slow down from the busyness of life and be present. 

    Michelle received her Yoga Alliance 200 hour RYT certification with Grand Rapids Healing Yoga in December 2018. As such, Michelle is trained in Trauma Informed and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. 

    Michelle is passionate about using yoga and breath-work to mitigate the effect of stress on the body. Michelle is thankful for countless family and friends for supporting her yoga practice and for bringing joy and laughter into the space. 

  • Emily Kendzi

    My yoga practice began in 2016, when I finally found a physical practice that resonated with me. My yoga practice made me feel strong, healthy, active, and capable. As I continued spending time on my mat, I noticed my mental and spiritual health begin to shift. Yoga opened up my mind and my heart to a plethora of new ideas and provided me with a new purpose and a new path. My passion for yoga runs much deeper than solely the physical element. I am passionate about the chakras, subtle energy, the mind-body connection, developing personal willpower, and how our thoughts create our realities. I am on a continued journey of learning ways to live a more yogic lifestyle. My intention is to provide students with a space wherein they feel safe, comfortable, and challenged to dig a little deeper within themselves. I look forward to sharing my work with Inspire Yoga and others in the community. I aim for my classes to be engaging and challenging, with a great playlist and thoughtful movements that will leave your body and mind feeling amazing. I look forward to seeing you on your mat! 

  • Kelly Krzyaniak

    Kelly began practicing yoga in 2006 and earned her RYT 200 in 2014. She aims to help her students find balance both on and off the mat. Her alignment-based practice is challenging, but accessible to everyone. She continues to deepen her practice by studying a variety of teachers including Christina Sell, Noah Maze and Darren Rhodes. 

    When not practicing, she enjoys running, biking, traveling and spending time with family and friends. 

  • Jenna Moon

    I first discovered yoga when I moved to Grand Rapids in 2012. What began as a simple idea to try something new, became my most treasured hobby and even further, an exciting journey on the path to self-discovery and self-love. I fell for yoga’s positive outlook and its ability to connect mind, body and soul. Yoga first served as an escape from my everyday life grind and eventually became my rock for coping with anything life threw my way. In 2018 I completed my 200-hr yoga teacher training with Megan Rader at Kula Yoga in Grand Rapids. I believe yoga not only allows us to express ourselves in beautiful physical forms but also challenges us to face deeper parts of our entire being. I look forward to helping students channel into this self awareness while creating a lighthearted, encouraging environment where we can constantly learn and grow together. I have a strong natural desire to share this amazing practice and aim for my classes to be dynamic, challenging, intuitive and rejuvenating to the soul. I look forward to connecting with the community at Inspire Yoga!

  • Jackie

    Jackie was drawn to yoga in 2013 with eagerness to address theimbalances within her body, the practice of yoga soon provided her easein movement and has continued to play a huge role in strengthening herbody from the inside out. Jackie is inspired by and thankful to herteacher Melanie McQuown & Peacelab Yoga Shala; with whom she hascompleted her 200 hr and 300 hr Yoga Teacher certifications andcurrently holds a 500 hr certification registered with Yoga Alliance.Jackie strives to provide a fun learning environment within heralignment based Hatha Yoga classes while holding a safe space for herstudents to explore; those new to yoga, those who wish to return to themat after some time away, as well as students whom hold a regularpractice & are eager to move their practice forward. Join Jackie on themat @ Inspire Yoga = Fridays at 9 am for a 60 min Vinyasa Flow