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Adjusting Techniques

Like any good mechanic or electrician, we have a toolbelt of different techniques.   At any time this can change based on your need, your body’s ability to handle the pressure, or just your personal preference.  Our chiropractors will discuss with you the options.

  • Manual adjusting - This is the traditional technique that involves bending, twisting, and pushing on the body to challenge the joints, improving mobility, and often resulting in that famous “popping” or “cracking” noise
  •  Drops (thompson) - is a lighter hands on technique that uses a piece of the table that releases upon a  thrust.  You often can feel the “crack” or “pop” but not nearly as often.
  • Instrument (Activator) - This low force tool is often used for extremities, pediatrics/babies, and those with advanced osteoporosis. 

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