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Team Approach

We have three doctors providing care for our community here at HFC, so that offers our practice members options.  Each chiropractor has similar training and techniques but much like an artist, has a unique touch not to mention personality.  We generally try to keep patients with one doctor for continuity of care, but situations arise that alter that.  The goal though is communication.  Feel free to try each doctor if you like to find the best fit.  That is the benefit of our team.  Our doctors want the best for each and every patient!

  • Patient wanted to establish with a particular doctor, but was not available for the first visit at the time needed.  Future visits will be with preferred provider  
  • Patient needs to come in when doctor is unavailable, day off, or no vacation, and thus needs to see another doctor
  • Patient expresses issues/concerns, isn’t progressing with care, or just has a desire to try one of the other doctors.  
  • Initial Doctor recommends patient tries another provider 
  • After trying another doctor patient decides to use that doctor as their preferred provider

team approach

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