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Dr. Rebecca Deyo transitioning away from Hartman Family Chiropractic

Over the last three years, it has been a joy to have Dr. Rebecca passionately serving our community here at Hartman Family Chiropractic. Each day she brings her expertise, knowledge, and caring heart to each and ever patient she treats. With saying that, she will be transitioning away from our office. The first phase will be spending the next few months as a full time mother with her daughter, Gabby. When her plans finalize for her next professional journey, we will update everyone. Her last day with us will be Thursday, June 30th. If you'd like to see her in the next 4 weeks, please schedule soon. We anticipate her schedule filling even quicker than usual.  

For those of you who are anxious about your care starting in July, know that Dr. Deyo has gone to great lengths to be very detailed with her charts so that Drs. Hartman and Papes can take care of you as similarly as possible. Chiropractic has the great capabilities to adapt to the needs and preferences of each patient. That is why we have such a variety of techniques and plan to continue to deliver the same great care she has given you over the last few years. We will be actively seeking to hire one or two female providers to give our practice great balance and diversity.  

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